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Mia Glansie Laboe Cinderella Toner Review

Did you know that Mia Glansie is gone nowrebrandingso it's more fresh, gemes, and authentic. Now, after successfully rebranding, Mia Glansie released a new product, namely toner! The toner contains mainly fruits. There are three types of toners,Jamboe Teduh, Laboe Cinderela, and Alpokad Memikad.

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Jamboe Teduh Essence Toner focuses on strengthening the skin barrier. It contains Guava Extract, Ceramide, and Centella Asiatica. Meanwhile, Alpokad Memikad Essence Toner focuses on Acne Care. So it turns out that avocados have ingredients that can treat acne, I just found out that I'm honest. In addition, the Memikad Avocado variant also contains Salicylic Acid and Witch Hazel. I myself have tried the Mia Glansie Laboe Cinderella Toner.

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For the packaging bottles inside, use a clear plastic bottle with a sticker attached to the front and top. The concept of this clear bottle is good because it shows how small the product is and the vibes are really fresh. This bottle of Mia Glansie Laboe Cinderella Toner is also not easy to leak and seep, so it's safe. Unfortunately, I think the bottle is a bit lacking because it doesn't feel right. The bottle looks like an ordinary bottle with a sticker on it.

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 Mia Glansie ngeluarin produk baru yaitu toner Review Mia Glansie Laboe Sinderela Toner

As for how to use it, I've tried three ways, namely with cotton, directly by hand and for CSMan. Which one do I like the most? Honestly, I prefer to apply this Mia Glansie Laboe Cinderella Tonerstraight to hand. But I also like to use it forCSMan in the more textured skin areaand it feels rough.

As a result, I feel like my skin is rarely grading anymore. Once, my chin area felt really rough and it was really textured, there were small pimples too. Finally, I used CSMan with Mia Glansie Laboe Cinderella Toner on the chin area, the next day the texture improved immediately. Then when I use this toner regularly (I used it for about a week in the morning and evening), the blackheads on my chin appear to come out like that. Take it, just pull it with tweezers, really cool!

For those who want to try this toner, you can buy it directly on the Mia Glansie website, you can also use my code BELLAMG10 to get a 10% discount