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Recommended Local Hydrating Toner

When I first learned about skincare, I tried to always use basic skincare, namely CTMP. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing, Protecting. At that time, I didn't know what toner to use. I guess I didn't know that there are several types of toner: cleansing toner, hydrating toner, exfoliating toner, etc. Has anyone read my post two years ago when I made the Morning Skincare Routine? There, the toner I use is the Viva toner. Now, Viva toner is actually a cleansing toner, so it still has to be layered with a hydrating toner so that the skin is more hydrated.

Since last year, I have realized that what my skin needs is hydration. I started looking for a hydrating toner product that was suitable for my skin. Until finally in the middle of 2021, I have tried it and can give you a recommendation for a local hydrating toner that you really must try!

Pratista Hyalu Hydrating Toner Review.

Probiome Skin Tonic Tropical Studio

Tropical Studio Toner Review : Probiome Skin Tonic.

Airnderm Hydrating Primer Toner

Airnderm Skincare Review For Dry Skin.

Natur Renew Skin Hydrating Toner

Natur Miracle Renew Skin Hydrating Toner Review: Make it Smooth and supple!

That's my local hydrating toner recommendation. Is there one that is your favourite? If not, can you tell me what is your favorite local hydrating toner?