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REVIEW : Emina Squeeze Me Up Browcara (Clear)

Hey gangs, this time I will review an eye makeup product, specifically a browcara product, aka eyebrow mascara. Actually, since 2019 I really like using eyebrow mascara, but going into 2020 I don't repurchase anymore because I don't have enough capital, wow, eyebrow mascara really helps to maintain the shape of the eyebrow hair so that it stays in place, so it follows the shape of the eyebrows that have been framed and filled with pencil and emphasizes the appearance eyebrow hair. Well, last May, I had a wedding ceremony for my future brother-in-law and Camer's mother was asked to accompany my boyfriend, I thought I wanted to complete my eye makeup product using browcara so that my eyebrows would be more on fleek at the event xixixi btw I used to use the eyebrow mascara product I feel like it makes the color of my brows thicker, which I've previously used with an eyebrow pencil, so I want to use a transparent mascara. It turned out that unexpectedly, Emina released the Squeeze Me Up series product which included a browcara product. As far as I know the browcara is available in 3 shades, namely ashy, woody and clear, of course I'm interested in trying the clear shade, because I just want the browcara to set the shape of my eyebrows so that they stay in place without any color effect. Then what are my impressions after 2 months of using this Emina Squeeze Me Up Browcara? Let's see the review!


This Emina Browcara packaging uses a plastic tube with a matte finish containing 8 grams of product, the design looks young and cheerful like a teenager's product, typical of the image of Emina's products targeting the youth segment, even though I'm not really a teenager anymore but I really like the product- Emina's products, especially her makeup products. Oh yes, the packaging is predominantly gray and white with a screw cap which is the applicator of the product.

The packaging box contains clear information about the product, there is also a barcode to check the BPOM registration number. When the new condition is not equipped with a seal, hopefully in the future Emina will add a seal to the box to make it more secure.

The applicator is the same as other browcara products, similar to a mascara applicator, but the wand is smaller and shorter. I don't have a problem with the applicator, it's comfortable to use and can take the product as needed.

"Transparent gel browcara with a lightweight formula that maintains the shape of your eyebrows, locking them in perfectly. Swipe and go! Easy, right? Use it by combing the eyebrows gently (not pressing) to give maximum results"

Maybe you will be confused about where to find the ingredients for information, you can open the box from a horizontal direction and you will find ingredients information in a very small font, I'll write it down below:


Ingredients list : Aqua, PVP, Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP copolymer, propanediol, phenoxyethanol, 1,2 hexanediol, caprylyl glycol, chlorphenesin, glycerin, disodium EDTA.

I don't really understand the function or benefits of each of the ingredients. I only understand the list of ingredients of glycerin which is known to have a function to moisturize the skin. If you are concerned about the benefits or functions of each ingredient, you can check it yourself on google, hihihi.

As the name implies, Emina's browcara product is colorless as the name implies "clear, while the texture is like a gel and because the color is clear for some reason I remember Mizzu's eyelash glue 😂 she has a gel texture but feels light. It almost doesn't smell anything. For the method I usually use an eyebrow pencil first to frame and fill in my eyebrows. Only then did I apply this Emina browcara. Actually, my brows are neither thin nor thick. But the shape of my eyebrows is really random and it's drooping :( that's why when I use an eyebrow pencil I sometimes get hairy My unframed brows tend to drop and look clumsy, so I need a browcara to hold the shape of my eyebrows so that the hair doesn't drop.

No color, transparent.

Here are the results of using Emina Squeeze me up browcara clear on my eyebrows after previously using a caramel brown eyebrow pencil from Pixy Make it glow:

It can be seen that after using Emina Squeeze me up browcara clear, the appearance of my eyebrow hair looks more defined and real with each strand. I apply the product without pressing it, it's floating like that. The first stage I comb my eyebrows inward, after that I comb outwards, the result is that my eyebrows are more hold and firmer. Honestly, Emina's browcara met my expectations to maintain the shape of my eyebrows so they look on fleek and firm but still look natural. Because the color is transparent so it doesn't add color or affect the color of the eyebrow pencil that I used before, that's what I like! Because I used to use Wardah's browcara, which is brown in color, it adds a bit of color to my brows and makes my eyebrows look like shinchan because I used an eyebrow pencil before, so the color is getting thicker. Huuhuhuhu since then I thought about using a transparent browcara until finally Emina released the product I was looking for

As for the resistance, you can say it's so-so as long as I don't wash my face or get water, the shape of my eyebrows still holds up, but when I get water, my eyebrow hair starts to drop. So I feel like this browcara product is not waterproof but I don't mind. I've tried this Emina Browcara Clear without using an eyebrow pencil before and the results were not comfortable because it only emphasized the appearance of my eyebrow hair. It doesn't make it thicker. It's different if you use a colored browcara, it can emphasize the eyebrow hair and help thicken the color too. So I don't recommend that you use Emina's clear browcara without an eyebrow pencil before unless your eyebrows are already thick, then it's perfect to use Emina's clear browcara without fearing that your eyebrows will get thicker.

Well, because I used this browcara after the eyebrow pencil, over time the "clear" color was contaminated with the color of the eyebrow pencil I was using because it was stuck to the browcara brush/wand. So there is a little brown color wkkw but it doesn't really affect it. Then I felt that the formula became a bit lumpy after I used it for 2 months, either because of the influence of the cold temperature here or something. It's like I have to soak the package in warm water in a glass so that the browcara gel liquid doesn't clump so much.

I'm quite satisfied with using Emina Squeeze me up browcara because it meets my expectations to help lock or hold my eyebrows so they stay on fleek and neat even though in terms of durability it's actually not that durable or not long lasting but I quite like it because the price is really affordable for the product browcara so I think it's worth it.

Me with Emina Squeeze me up browcara clear on my eyebrows

I recommend this product for those of you who are looking for a product to maintain the position or shape of the eyebrows that have been framed so that they are firmer and neater and for those of you whose eyebrows are already thick but want to look firmer without fearing that the eyebrows will look thicker. The thing to watch out for is the storage of the product, since I live in a cold area for some reason this browcara gets very easy to clump, but it can still be managed. Oh yes, I bought this Emina browcara at the Emina Counter Asia department store in Garut, if I'm not mistaken the price is around IDR. 55,000 after discount. I think the price is affordable for a browcara product.

Okay guys, that's all my review about Emina Squeeze me up browcara gel clear, I hope it can help, if you've tried it don't forget to share it in the comments column below, see you on another review^^