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REVIEW : Mineral Botanica First Defense+ Brightening Facial Foam

Alohaa!! This time I want to share my review after trying facial foam from a local brand, Mineral Botanica First Defense Facial Foam. Yesss facial foam. I usually use facial wash or facial cleanser more often because basically the texture of the product is lighter and gentler for dry skin. But I only realized after I checked out this product and it turned out to be a facial foam! Wow, before I bought it, I read the product description from the seller and the mineral botanica facial foam variant said it was intended for normal to dry skin because it says "pH balance" so I don't panic. As far as I know facial foam products usually have abundant foam and can attract oil/sebum more effectively, facial foam is usually intended for those with oily skin. But because I saw this mineral botanica has a pH balance formula, so I decided to give it a try. Then how is my experience after trying this product for the past week? Let's see the review!

The packaging is the same as the packaging for facial cleansing meth products in general. In the form of a tube made of plastic material with a predominance of white with a slight mix of blue. The packaging design looks simple but on point guys, I really like the packaging design, does it look credible, doesn't it?

Oh yes, the finish of the packaging material is glossy, with a weight/content of 100 grams, for me the content is enough for 3-4 months of use with a frequency of use 2x a day. When it's new, I'm happy to see the packaging because it comes with a plastic wrap seal, so it's safe and won't be afraid of leaking or the contents being taken out by random people.

The back of the packaging is also equipped with quite complete product information, ranging from product descriptions, how to use, ingredients to manufacturer information. Then what makes me proud of mineral botanica is because it turns out that this mineral botanica product is animal cruelty free, fortified with natural extract, 12 months PAO, and has been certified Halal by MUI! I like it it's still rare for local brands to list their products as cruelty free or the PAO period of their products, now minerala botanica is clearly listed, so you feel safe and at ease using the product.

But, maybe I'm zoning again, huh? For the tube cap that I got, how come the quality isn't that good, guys, it can't close tightly and it's prone to opening, that's sad huhuhu, I'm afraid if I take this traveling I'm afraid the lid will open automatically :')

Can't close it :(

Overall the packaging is pretty good, from the material, the color combination and the design. Only I got the quality of the tube cap is not good, so hopefully in the future the quality will be improved again.

First Defense+ Brightening Facial Foam has a balanced pH with a gentle formula on the skin and is able to remove dirt. Formulated for all skin types and equipped with ingredients that make the skin cleaner and look brighter so that the skin feels soft, supple and glowing.

How to use: Take an appropriate amount on the palm of the hand and mix it with a little water until foamy. Gently massage over the entire surface of the face using an upward circular motion. Rinse with water until clean. Follow with toner, serum and cream.

Claims & Ingredients

Judging from the list of ingredients, I found glycerin, licorice extract and fragrance too, but they're almost last. Then it turns out that the facial foam contains sodium lauroyl Sarcosinate, maybe similar to sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) but with a surfactant formula (foam) that is more friendly to the skin (?). I didn't find any parabens either, but the parabens were replaced with phenoxyethanol and DMDM ​​hydantoin which have the same function as parabens, which is to preserve the product and prevent the product from being contaminated with bacteria. Btw, I don't really understand the function of each ingredient, but it looks like the ingredients are safe, just like the content of facial foam in general.

When I saw the texture, I got deja vu, I remember the creamy orange wash of Wardah, I'm a bit scared, actually, because this texture must be very foamy, but after blending, the texture isn't as creamy, it's more of a milky gel texture, guys, it reminds me of it. it's the same as wardah gentle wash. Pretty similar but with a different feel. If the mineral botanica is thicker, the Wardah Gentle Wash is a little runny. Because this is a facial foam, before using it, you have to foam it up first on wet palms or put a few drops of water on it, when it's foamy, then gently blend it onto your face. As for the scent, this is a typical soft scent, similar to the scent of baby skincare products or baby powder, not flashy at all, really soft and comforting.

It's true, when you're foaming it, it's really foamy but it's not that thick, it's typical of a foam that's gentle and soft on the skin. At first, I was worried that the after effect would make my face feel rough, but after rinsing it didn't feel rough or stretchy at all. it feels so fresh. There's no slippery feeling, like Wardah Gentle Wash or Scarlett's facial wash. It turns out that the pH balance claims are true. Usually the pH balance formulas like to leave a slippery effect after washing their face, but this mineral botanica doesn't have a slippery or dry effect after rinsing. The skin feels quite moist, fresh and looks a bit brighter. For me, this is a typical facial foam that many people with various skin types will like because the formula is really not adventurous. Very good. It's not slippery and doesn't dry out afterward. Alhamdulillah, so far there is no unsuitable reaction for my skin to this product, it suits my skin. It doesn't make my skin dry or breakout, that's the most important thing for me.

It's a good product, seriously. There are not many claims of various kinds, but the performance is really good. The formula of the product also exceeded my expectations, I thought because it was pH balanced it would be slippery afterward but it's not. So this mineral botanica can really be used for all skin types. But unfortunately, I feel that mineral botanica products are underrated, because there are still few people who know about mineral botanica even though the products are really good. Maybe in the future the promotion and marketing efforts can be increased so that the product becomes more popular.

Oh yes, I bought the product really cheap, guys, I bought it for only IDR 20,000 at one of the shopee star sellers. I'll post the link later. I'm satisfied with the product, at that price, I can get a face wash product with this good quality. Maybe in the future this mineral botanica first defense + brightening facial foam product will be one of the facial washing products that I will repurchase, 'cause me likey!

Ok guys, that's my review this time, I hope it helps, see you on another review!^^