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REVIEW : Scarlett Brightly Ever After Day & Night Cream

Hey guys, this time I want to share my review of using Scarlett's day & night cream for 4 months, namely Scarlett Brightly Ever After Day & Night Cream. I've been using this product for quite a while before I share the review, I've been using it from March 2021 to August 2021. Why am I only reviewing it now? So that I really understand the reaction of the product on my skin so I decided to use the product for a while before sharing the review here.

Btw, in the last year I've been in love with Scarlett's products, especially the body care. Usually, Scarlett products have the star ingredient Glutathione which is known to be good as an antioxidant for the skin and helps brighten the skin. Well, around the beginning of this year, I tried the face care, starting from the facial wash and serum, and now I'm trying the cream too. When it was released recently, I was immediately attracted to the cream product so I was really excited to try it. This Scarlett brand has been tested to be safe, because it has been registered with BPOM, no mercury, no animal testing and some of its products, such as body care, are also halal-certified. So I feel safe when using the product.

Oh yes, while writing this review I have opened a second jar for each day and night cream. Do you want to know the reason why I continue to use this day & night cream after finishing 1 jar? Let's see the review!


The "cream" scarlett brightly ever after series is packaged in a jar made of matte glass which is quite thick in light pink color and is transparent with a white lid made of glossy plastic material which weighs 20 grams. The design is the same as the serum design for Scarlett Brightly Ever After, colored with a touch of pink watermelon and white with floral accents typical of Scarlett products for the Brightly Ever After series. I think the design is good because it looks elegant, especially the jar material is made of glass, so it looks a bit luxurious.

During the time I used this Scarlett Brightly Ever After Cream product, there was a change in the packaging details. In the old packaging/first time launching, there is no hologram label on the label attached to the jar. Now, the latest batch of Scarlett cream products is equipped with holographic details on the label attached to the jar. Maybe so that the authenticity can be guaranteed, so there is a hologram mark that is definitely difficult to imitate by people who want to fake Scarlett products. If you are still unsure about the authenticity of the product, you can check the barcode number listed on Scarlett's official website. But in my opinion, as long as you buy the product from an official store or trusted seller, the authenticity is guaranteed, so be wise and careful in choosing a seller who sells Scarlett products, guys. You can check store rates and buyer reviews before checkout.

I have used the empty jar for 3 months, from March to June 2021

2nd time repurchase. In the latest batch of jar day cream that I got, there was a change to the packaging details that added Scarlett's signature hologram detail on the label.

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Day Cream

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Night Cream

For the day cream packaging, it is more dominant in white with a touch of less pink watermelon. While the overall packaging of the night cream is predominantly pink, it's a combination of light pink and deep pink, guys. So it's easier to tell which one is night cream and day cream, because the color difference is quite contrasting, so you don't have to worry about picking the wrong product.

When the packaging is new, this Scarlett Brightly Ever After Cream is very secure because it comes with a plastic wrap seal so no one will mess with the product before it reaches our hands. In the box, mica plastic is also added to hold the cream jar so it doesn't slide and keeps it from impacting. The cardboard box also contains complete information, as well as a hologram sticker that guarantees the authenticity of the product. From the info listed on the jar and box, this Scarlett Brightly Ever After Cream product has a shelf life of 6 months after opening (6M) so make sure the product is finished before entering the 6 month product after opening.

Inside the jar there is also a divider / lid that helps prevent the cream from smearing. So keep it tidy. But unfortunately it is not equipped with a spatula. It seems that it would be even better if there was a spatula to take the product. It doesn't really matter to me, the important thing is to make sure your hands and nails are clean before applying the cream, so that the hygiene and cleanliness of the product is maintained.

This Scarlett Birghtly Ever after Series product has the benefit of increasing skin moisture and elasticity, helping to brighten the skin and fade acne scars, disguise pores, fine lines, and tighten facial skin.

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Day Cream
  • Glutathione is an antioxidant that can make the skin look brighter, radiant and have a more even skin tone
  • Rainbow Algae increases brightness and reduces pigment imperfections
  • Rosehip Oil, rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants for wound healing
  • Poreaway to tighten pores
  • Triceramide helps to moisturize, anti-aging and anti-wrinkle.
  • Aqua peptide glow, to increase skin hydration and the perception of glowing skin

Scarlett Brightly Ever After Night Cream
  • Glutathione is an antioxidant that can make the skin look brighter, radiant and have a more even skin tone
  • Niacinamide, helps brighten facial skin
  • Natural Vit-C for antioxidants and protects skin cells from free radical damage caused by UV exposure
  • Hexapeptide-9 helps reduce wrinkles
  • Poreaway, supports skin barrier and improves texture by making pores appear smaller
  • Green Caviar, helps fight dehydration
  • Aqua peptide glow, to increase skin hydration and the perception of glowing skin


For how to use it, use it on clean and dry skin areas, or after using serum. Take an adequate amount of the product and spread it on the face while massaging gently.


I was quite impressed when I read the list of ingredients because it turns out that there are quite a lot of ingredients in this Scarlett Brightly Ever After Cream. What caught my attention was the many natural ingredients in it such as plant extracts, ranging from limon peel oil, geranium oil, rosehip oil, rainbow algae extract, carob seed extract, licorice extract, sword bean extract, soybean seed extract, to soursop fruit (Annona cherimola). fruit extracts). Then there are star ingredients, glutathione, niacinamide, vitamin C, peptide to squalane which are good for hydrating and repairing skin damage caused by UV rays or free radicals. Of course, these ingredients have benefits to support the performance and claim of their products on our skin, namely moisturizing the skin, brightening the skin, maintaining elasticity, fading acne scars to help disguise pores. Oh yes, the day cream actually contains active anti-UV ingredients aka SPF, namely ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate and titanium dioxide, but I don't know how much, so it's better to layer it with a separate sunscreen, so it's more optimal.

When I first tried this Scarlett Brightly Ever After Cream, I was quite surprised by the fragrance. The scent is not that striking, but it smells like a product that contains essential oils, according to my nose. It turns out that this scarlett cream contains essential oils, such as rosehip oil, limon peel oil (lemon peel oil) and peragonium graveolens oil (geranium oil) in the cream. I needed adjustments for about 3 days of use, until I finally got used to the distinctive aroma of the product, both day cream and night cream. When I first used it, I also felt a slight tingling effect from the night cream for about 3-5 days, then my skin started to adjust and now there is no tingling feeling or breakout symptoms because of this scarlett product.

The texture of the day cream tends to be light, quite watery and milky white in color. I think the consistency is very suitable as a day cream product. When applied to the skin, it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel greasy at all. It feels very light on the skin. Then I feel that there is a slight tone up and healthy glow effect from this day cream after application, but not too much. Wearing it without makeup doesn't make my face look wrinkled, if I use it before makeup it doesn't interfere with my makeup. My makeup doesn't get greasy easily when the base skincare is using this Scarlett Day Cream. Stay safe. It's also good to apply sunscreen, it doesn't smudge/clump as long as you make sure the day cream is really absorbed into the skin or give it a few seconds of pause before applying sunscreen or foundation. For its moisturizing ability, it's enough for my dry skin type, it moisturizes but doesn't make my face oily.


Sorry for the lighting difference

As for the night cream, the texture tends to be richer/thick, in my opinion, it's similar to a gel cream texture and feels a little oily. The color of the cream is almost the same as the day cream, it is milky white. In general, night cream products have a richer texture because they are much more moisturizing than the day cream. When applied to the face, even though it has a rich texture, it doesn't really feel like something is on the face. In fact, I'm happy because the texture is quite thick because it can help lock in my previous skincare and provide moisture while I sleep. When I woke up the next morning my face was smooth and glowing, the dry areas had disappeared overnight. I've used the night cream without toner or serum first and I feel that its moisturizing ability is decent even though it's not very moist when combined with the previous toner and serum. So how's it going on my face?

There are no photos for June-July, the photos have been deleted :(

The reason why I continued to the second jar was because apart from being able to moisturize my face, I also felt the brightening effect :') In March I happened to be exhausted from santolo and my face became striped and dull, even though I was already using sunscreen for some reason the sun was shining on the beach it might be too strong so the sunscreen I use doesn't work. Since April I have added a series of facial washes and serums and thank God my skin is better off not dull anymore and my skin tone is much brighter evenly. Apart from that, what makes me happy is that the use of this scralett cream really does a great job of smoothing my pores, so my face feels and looks smoother even though my old acne scars haven't faded too much. For new acne scars that are near my eyebrows and near my lips they fade quickly, but for old acne scars it seems like it will take more time. I also feel that my face looks much more glowing, I like it :')

In mid-June I changed the serum and didn't use scarlett serum anymore because it was out of stock, I tried a serum from another brand and thank God, even though I used it with products from other brands, this scarlett cream was still safe on my face. No breakouts. After 4 months of use, aka I'm about to go on the 5th month, I'm getting more and more aware that my face is rarely spotty, usually my forehead and cheeks are prone to breakouts, just last July I was spotty again and even then PMS acne. The important point is that Scarlett Brightly Ever After Cream doesn't trigger blackheads on my skin, usually when I use cream products, I like to get blackheads easily. that's why i like it. So I decided to continue using it. Huhuhu I like it!

Because the product suits me, I want to say that this Scarlett Brightly Ever After and Night Cream product is good, guys, I recommend it. My skin is now even brighter and smoother. For those of you who are struggling with dull, striped and dry skin problems, I think this Scarlett Brightly Ever After Cream can help overcome your skin problems. Especially when I use a series of facial washes, serums and creams on me, the results are much more visible and can be felt faster in more than a month. The results I get are of course a synergistic performance from my other skincare products that I use such as toners and serums, now I think Scarlett is also one of the triggers for my skincare to work better and give positive results for my skin. During use it is also very safe on my skin, there are no breakout symptoms or breakouts. It's really suitable, even though when I first started using it, there was a slight tingling feeling from the night cream, but it didn't last long because my skin could adjust quickly. In fact, compared to the day cream, I prefer the night cream because every morning I wake up after using it, my face is smooth and glowing, I really like the night cream.<3 tapi untuk menghilangkan bekas jerawat yang udah lama sepertinya butuh waktu lebih, but i don't mind sih yang penting kulitku tetep sehat even perlu waktu lama buat nyamarin bekas jerawat.

If you are interested in trying, you can get this Scarlett Brightly Ever After Day and Night Cream through one of the platforms below:

shopee @scarlett_Whitening,
shopeemall @scarlettofficialshop,
instagram @scarlett_whitening,
line @scarlett_whitening and via WhatsApp 087700353000

For the price of Scarlett Brightly ever after day cream and night cream, the price is IDR 75,000, guys, oh yes, for a special package of 5 items (you can choose any product, for example, you can mix lotion, shower scrub, or face serum) special price only IDR. 300,000 already got an exclusive box and free gift from Scarlett

I usually buy through shopee because there is free shipping and the buying process is easier

Ok guys, that's my review this time, see you on another review^^