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REVIEW : Scarlett Whitening Perfect Coffee Edition (Body Scrub + Shower Scrub)

Hello gangs, see you again on my blog The Yulistinay's Diary<3! Kesempatan kali ini aku mau berbagi pengalamanku setelah menggunakan produk body care terbarunya Scarlett Whitening yaitu Scarlett Perfect Coffee Edition yang terdiri dari Brightening Shower Scrub dan Body Scrub. Btw produknya baru aja dirilis bulan kemarin dan aku seneng banget karena akhirnya bisa cobain produk terbaru-nya Scarlett Whitening, terlebih memang udah setahun lebih body care-ku mulai dari sabun mandi, lulur, hingga lotion sepaket pakai dari Scarlett Whitening karena emang sesuka itu sama hasilnya di kulitku. Makanya ketika ada varian terbaru Coffee ini aku tertarik untuk segera mencoba dan akhirnya kesampaian juga buat mencoba.

Oh yes, beauty enthusiasts definitely know the Scarlett brand, this skincare brand belonging to actress Feliciya Angelista has a variety of skincare products for body and face to haircare. This Scarlett product has the benefit of brightening the skin with its star ingredient Glutathione which is known to be good as an antioxidant for the skin and helps brighten the skin. In addition, the new formula also contains Kojic Acid to Collagen, which is really interesting, guys… All Scarlett Whitening products have been registered with BPOM, no animal testing, no mercury or hydroquinone, so they are halal certified, so don't worry because it's definitely already tested very safe for our skin.

I've been using the Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub Coffee series for 10 days and I've used the Body scrub twice (2x a week) so I think it's enough to share the review now. Let's keep scrolling for the review!



The packaging is the same as the packaging for other Scarlett body care products, the body scrub packaging is in the form of a round jar with a weight of 250gram made of plastic with a white lid and the jar is transparent brown, so we can see the contents of the product. The scrub packaging is slightly different from the sacrlett romance and pomegranate body scrub packaging because the Perfect Coffee Edition jar body scrub uses a transparent plastic material that may represent the color of coffee.

The packaging also contains manufacturer information, a list of ingredients and how to use it. There is also a hologram sticker and a Scarlett barcode that guarantees the authenticity of the Scarlett product. You can check the barcode through the official Scarlett Whitening website to ensure the authenticity of the product. But in my opinion, as long as you buy the product from an official store or trusted seller, the authenticity is guaranteed, so be wise and careful in choosing a seller who sells Scarlett products, guys. You can check store rates and buyer reviews before checkout.Inside the scrub packaging is added a seal made of aluminum foil with a hologram accent. The function of this bulkhead is to ensure that the scrub is not smudged and is kept safe.

The shower scrub packaging is the same as the other Scarlett shower scrub variants, in a 300ml transparent plastic bottle with a sticker with a simple design typical of Scarlett. For this coffee variant, it has a signature color of orange caramel / chocolate caramel (?) I think the color is a bit orange caramel and quite eye catching when you see it. The shower scrub liquid also has the same color as the orange caramel sticker with very small scrub granules.

There is also an embossed/embossed word “SCARLETT” on the bottle body and lid. Maybe the goal is to make the Scarlett packaging concept difficult to imitate by naughty parties who want to fake Scarlett products. So I really think that all Scarlett product packaging that I've tried has its own characteristics to ensure the authenticity of the product.

When in new condition, this Scarlett Shower scrub package is equipped with a plastic wrap seal so it is very safe when the product is on its way to our home, we will not be afraid of the packaging leaking. The bottle cap is in the form of a flip cap, easy to open and close, but because the packaging is quite large and bulky, I don't think it's too travel-friendly. Oh yes, if the lid was in the form of a pump, it would be even better because it's easier to dispense the product.


Scarlett Body Scrub Coffee

- Brightens and evens out skin tone

- Regenerate skin

- Helps the formation of collagen

- Increase skin moisture

How to use: Use a body scrub all over the body, wait 2-3 minutes then rinse thoroughly (it is recommended to use it 2x a week)

Body scrub ingredients : Aqua demineralisata, Polyethylene, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cetyl alcohol, Mineral oil, Glycol distearate, glycerin, propanediol, parfum, glutathione, tocopheryl acetate, DMD Hydantoin, Triisopropanolamine, acrylatesc10-30alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, CI 77400

Ingredients list

Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub Coffee

- Brightens and evens out skin tone

- Regenerate skin

- Increase skin moisture and elasticity

How to use: Wet the body, lather the soap all over the body. Rinse with water until clean.

Shower scrub ingredients : Aqua demineralisata, sodium laureth sulfate, acrylates copolymer, lauryl betaine, sodium lauryl sulfate, coconut fatty acid diethanolamide, perfume, cocomidopropyl betaine ammonium salt, glutathione, hydrolyzed collagen, polyethylene, dmdm hydantoin, tocopheryl acetate, EDTA, Citric acid, coffe extract , CI 7740.



The texture of the body scrub is not much different from the other variants of the Scarlett body scrub, the texture is dense but still creamy when blended, the scrub granules are smooth but still feel but not painful. For this coffee variant, the scrub color is brownish white, and there is a powder similar to coffee powder. I use this before showering with soap when my body is dry / not washed with water. I spread it all over my body and let it sit for about 3 minutes. I've been rubbing it especially on my elbows, heels and knees until the dead skin cells fall out on the bathroom floor. It's really fun when you rub Scarlett's body scrub. After all, the skin feels smooth and clean, it looks a little brighter too. After using the body scrub, continue using the shower scrub, so that the remnants of the body scrub are completely removed.

Then the texture of the shower scrub is the same as the other Scarlett shower scrub variants, the liquid has a gel texture with small red and blue scrub granules which when foamed do not feel like a scrub at all but it seems quite helpful for removing dirt. Oh yeah, I use a Scarlett shower scrub, I always use a sponge puff. After using the shower scrub, my skin doesn't feel dry, it's still moisturized and feels clean and fresh at the same time.

When it comes to fragrance, both of them have a very clear smell of coffee, it's really relaxing when you smell it for the first time. Freshly roasted or freshly brewed coffee scented cake. For those of you who like the smell of coffee, I really recommend this. I can say recently that I like the smell of coffee because of the jolly scarlett body lotion. It turns out that the smell of coffee makes me feel comfortable, it calms my mind too (btw I don't like drinking coffee so I'm not used to the smell) I usually use a scrub or soap that smells like flowers or fruits, now the smell of coffee in this Scarlett Perfect Coffee edition is like So it's a breath of fresh air in my experience while using bodycare products.

Btw, I've tried all the Scarlett Shower Scrub variants, from Pomegrante, Mango, Cucumber to Coffee. My favorite variants before the coffee variant were pomegranate and cucumber. But now the coffee variant is also my favorite. My favorite Scarlett shower scrub order is pomegrante, second is coffee and third is cucumber.

As for the scent, it's quite lingering, aka long lasting, even sticking to the bathroom because of the smell. The scent while taking a shower is also an ood booster for me because it relaxes me, especially when I use both, the scent is more pronounced and lasts longer on the body. Usually after using the body scrub and shower scrub I continue to use the Scarlett lotion which is the jolly variant and I smell really good hehehe I'm happy<3

After 1 week of using Scarlett Shower Scrub Coffee and 2 times of using Body Scrub Coffee, the red bumps from scratching are starting to fade.

The result that I have gotten for more than a year regularly using Scarlett's body care series is that my skin has become brighter, brighter, not white. The use of this scarlett helps to maintain my skin tone so that it remains bright and not dull. The body scrub and shower scrub help to exfoliate and clean my skin optimally, so that with regular use it can help brighten my skin. Besides that, I use the Scarlet lotion too, because in addition to helping to moisturize and smooth the skin, it also helps to brighten the skin faster and even helps reduce stripes and disguise the scars of mosquito bites on my feet. That's why I always repurchase and I don't know how many bottles of the shower scrub and lotion I've used this year, because I've repurchased so many times.



If you're looking for a bodycare with the benefits of brightening your skin while having a special and fragrant scent, I recommend using Scarlett, especially for this perfect coffee edition because it smells very distinctive, it's still very rare, right, skincare that smells like coffee. This Scarlett Perfect Coffee Edition smells really relaxing and very calming. Makes you feel at home in the shower. Well, this Scarlett bodycare besides helping to treat and brighten the skin, the fragrance is also fresh, luxurious and long-lasting. I've been using it for a year, alhamdulillah, it suits my skin and makes my skin brighter and smoother. So of course every time I run out I will always repurchase.

Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub that I'm currently using, Pomegrante and Coffee variants

If you are interested in trying this Scarlett brightening shower scrub and body scrub perfect coffee edition, you can get it through one of the platforms below:




or you can click this direct link to directly checkout:

Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub Coffee - ShopeeMall

Scarlett Body Scrub Coffee - ShopeeMall

line @scarlett_whitening and via WhatsApp 087700353000


For the price of the Scarlett Brightening Shower Scrub and Body Scrub perfect coffee edition, the price is IDR 75,000, guys, oh yes, for a special package of 5 items (you can choose any product, for example, you can mix lotion, cream, or face serum, etc.). ) special price is only IDR. 300,000 already got an exclusive box and free gift from Scarlett


I usually buy through shopee because there is free shipping and the buying process is easier

Ok guys, that's my review this time, see you on another review^^