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REVIEW : Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm (tube)

Hi, this time I want to share my experience and review after trying the Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm product for the past week. Previously I used a lip balm from Vaseline as well, namely Vaseline Lip Therapy Original Lip Balm stick, now the lip balm has started to wear off so I repurchase a new lip balm and from Vaseline again, it's just a different variant.

I accidentally saw this product in my e-commerce subscription. I wasn't sure about the product at first because the shape was different from the usual Vaseline lip balm. Tube shape! It turns out that the Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm product is the latest product from the Vaseline lip care range, available in two variants, Original and Rosy Lips. Since I wanted a transparent lip balm color I chose the Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm variant. Lip balm is a must-have product that I must have, since I have very sensitive and dry lip skin, lip balm really helps me to prevent my lips from becoming dry, so far the most suitable lipbalm on my lips is from the Vaseline brand. That's why I repurchased from the Vaseline brand and haven't thought about trying it from another brand.

Then how about the product performance? Is it better than other Vaseline lip balm variants? Let's see the review!


The packaging is almost the same as other Vaseline lip balms, equipped with cardboard that contains information about the product when it is in new condition. The packaging for the lip balm itself is quite unique because it uses a doff plastic tube with a simple Vaseline design. The tube is predominantly white with a touch of navy blue.

Equipped with a screw cap and the mouth of the tube is flat and oblique with a small hole to remove the contents of the lip balm which we can easily adjust the amount of product we want to use. The mouth of the tube can also be used as an applicator to apply lipbalm to the lips. The applicator is comfortable and there are no sharp parts.

As for the packaging, I really like it. There are no annoying problems, it's just that my message is don't use the lip balm with other people, okay? To ensure the hygiene of the product and the applicator of the lip balm.


The simple claim is that this original Vaseline lip balm product can provide instant softness and nourish and soften lips and moisturize very dry lips so they feel comfortable instantly.

The ingredients only consist of 2 ingredients, namely Petrolatum or Vaseline Jelly and fragrance

FYI, this Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm product was apparently produced in Thailand and then imported by and distributed by Unilever Indonesia. The product has been registered with BPOM and Halal MUI, good job!


At first I didn't have high expectations with this Vaseline Lip care original Lip balm, I thought maybe the sense/feel was the same as using Vaseline Lip Balm that I've used before. But it turns out I was wrong. The feel is different sis.

When I first used it, I was immediately impressed and loved it. The formulation is similar to vaseline jelly but a little more liquid, almost like paste, so the liquid and the texture is smooth/soft. Typical color of products made from Petrolatum. When swiped onto the lips, it glides so smoothly and makes the appearance of lips that were originally dry so look moist, plump and fresh. I think the formulation provides more moisture than the vaseline lipbalm stick. It feels more 'occlusive'. Then another thing that I like is that it smells good. The smell is very soft, not overpowering, I think it smells like vanilla. I'm a bit fussy about fragrances, but this Vaseline lip balm smells so good that I want to eat it wkwkwk

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Oh yes, the moisture is also much better in my opinion than the stick vaseline lip balm. I feel that this Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm Tube is much more moisturised and makes my lips comfortable. As a base before applying lipstick, it's really good and prevents my lips from drying out. Oh yeah I think it helps lighten up my dull lip color too. The edges of my lips are not too dark but my lips are very sensitive and dry easily. Now, this Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm really helps prevent dryness on my lips and makes the process of exfoliating my lips easier and more comfortable. I usually use it in the morning after showering, before applying lipstick or tint, or before reapplying lip tint and before going to sleep. Before I fall asleep, I always apply a bit thick as a lip mask and the next day my lips are so soft and moisturised, I like it!


This product is highly recommended! I really didn't expect anything from the product but it exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend this Vaseline Lip Care Original Lip Balm for those of you who have sensitive and very dry lips. Because this lipbalm formula is a bit rich but still comfortable on the lips and the moisturizing ability is quite long lasting. The price is also very affordable, I bought it at shopee for IDR 23,000, guys, with a lot of lip balm content, which is 10 grams, it's definitely very durable.

Okay guys, that's all my review this time, I hope it helps! See you on another review^^