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The texture itself is super liquid, like water. I usually use this product in one layer every morning and night. The fragrance of this product is not overpowering, very soft. It doesn't feel sticky when you use it. Oh yeah, usually I put it directly on my hand, I don't use cotton.

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The texture of this product is gel and very light. Even though it's a gel, it's really moisturizing even on my dry skin. Then there is no sticky feeling, it doesn't feel greasy if you use it before going to bed. I usually only use it at night because in the AM routine I rarely use moisturizer. Well, but I've also tried using it in the morning, it doesn't feel greasy either.


I've been trying this product for 2 weeks. Honestly, since the first time I used these three products, I already had a good feeling. I personally really like the packaging because it's simple but looks cute. The textures are all so delicious! If I had to choose, Glo-C serum is the product I don't like the most because it's thick in texture. But when I tried it, wow, it really wasn't sticky and hit the skin so it melted like that.

Selalu seneng setiap dihubungi untuk coba produk  Review Glowlabs : Produk Lokal Yang Gentle

I myself have noticed the difference in my face before and after using these three Glowlabs products. But when I saw the before and after photos, it really looks really good. Starting from redness, texture, acne scars, everything is getting better.

I can say that these Glowlabs products are the choice for those of you who want to try active ingredients but are afraid of skin irritation. I really feel that there are no negative effects that I feel when I use these three Glowlabs products.

Oh yes, what I noticed was that there were similarities between these three Glowlabs products in terms of ingredients. In addition to Milk Protein, these three products contain Centella Asiatica. Maybe that's one of the reasons why this product is so 'safe'.

Selalu seneng setiap dihubungi untuk coba produk  Review Glowlabs : Produk Lokal Yang Gentle

For those of you who are curious about Glowlabs products, you can check the glowlabs instagram. They also have shopee, if you want to try the product and need free shipping, hihi.