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How to take care of lips as a form of self love

Everyone must have flaws, how can we make peace with those shortcomings is the highest form of self love. In my opinion, taking care of yourself is a part of self love. Loving yourself, including loving all flaws and taking good care of them.

I myself am a person who diligently takes care of myself, especially my skin. But there is one part that I sometimes forget to take care of, namely the lips. That's why sometimes my lips are dry, peeling, and then bleeding. If it's already bleeding, those who have regrets are never treated because the wound is very painful. So, don't be like me, okay? Here I will tell you how to take care of your lips so they don't dry out. This is what I use to treat my lips when they're dry.

Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum Suitable For Beginners

Elsheskin Lip Sugar Scrub

Top 3 Lip Products

Those were the two products that I used to treat my lip area. Even though the lip area is rarely exposed, especially during the pandemic when everyone wears a mask, don't forget to take care of it. Because again, taking care of yourself is part of self love.

By taking care of ourselves, we can take care of everything in ourselves. Confidence will also increase and you can enjoy doing many things more.

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Do you agree that taking care of yourself is a form of self love?