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Recommended Non-sticky Deodorant

Who likes being annoyed when after using deodorant it sticks to clothes and makes our clothes have stains that are hard to remove? Or if you want to go in a hurry and don't have enough time to wait for your deodorant to dry? Hmm, isn't it really bad? I myself also often experience these annoying things, until I finally tried the deodorant spray from Need Deodorant.

Need is a local brand that has deodorant spray products. The product from Need Deodorant has BPOM, so it's safe. The ingredients are also 100% natural. This product has several claims:

  • Controlling Body Odor and Excessive Sweating
  • Brighten Armpits
  • Leaves No Residue or Stains
  • Slows Armpit Hair Growth
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Siapa yang suka sebel waktu abis pake deodorant eh nempel ke baju trus bikin baju kita jad Rekomendasi Deodorant Anti Lengket

As the name implies, the applicator of this product is a spray. The spray is very smooth, and spreads so it doesn't get wet in one place. The liquid is clear and absorbs quickly into the skin. In addition, this product is also not sticky. Maybe because it absorbs quickly, so it doesn't feel sticky on the skin.

aqua, potassium alum, piper betle, lemon, aloevera

Besides being simple in terms of packaging, it turns out that the content of this product is also simple. This product is basically Aqua or water. Well this product contains Potassium Alum which is alum water. This alum water has many benefits, it can remove odors and inhibit hair growth. Alum water is indeed one of the basic ingredients for making deodorant.

This product also contains Piper Betle which is Betel Leaf. This content is an antibacterial that can eliminate body odor. If you browse, you will find several studies on the effect of rubbing betel leaves on the bacteria that cause body odor.

The next content is lemon which does have antioxidant properties. Lemon can help lighten underarm skin. There is also aloe vera which will provide a soothing and antibacterial effect.

Siapa yang suka sebel waktu abis pake deodorant eh nempel ke baju trus bikin baju kita jad Rekomendasi Deodorant Anti Lengket

I think Need Deodorant is really magical. Why? Because I need this deodorant, it doesn't smell, it's colorless, it's not sticky, but it really can stop sweat and it doesn't make body odor.

Some time ago I asked my friends online on Instagram bellabeautydiary. I asked him what makes him uncomfortable with the deodorant he's using. It turned out that most answered that deodorant took a long time to absorb, was greasy, stuck to clothes and was sticky, made it wet, irritated, itch, to the point that it smelled bad when it got sweaty.

Well, I didn't find those uncomfortable things as long as I used Need Deodorant. It's super comfortable in my opinion. I was so shocked that I said I need this deodorant, it's magical haha. Let's see the claims and the reality...

  • Controls Body Odor and Excessive Sweating - yes! I feel like he really can control sweat and it doesn't smell at all. It doesn't smell good here, it's really pure, it doesn't smell, either it smells good or it doesn't smell because this product doesn't really have a scent at all.
  • Brighten Underarms - i don't think so. I think this claim will be more visible if it is balanced with exfoliating or scrubbing the armpits regularly, for example.
  • Leaves No Residue or Stains - ofc, yes. because this product is colorless and super liquid like water, it doesn't leave any residue. Yes, there may still be residue left behind to hold the sweat, but it doesn't feel greasy or sticky.
  • Slows Armpit Hair Growth - hmm. I don't really know this one because the first time I used this product, I had waxed, so I really don't know huhu. I'll update again on Instagram later!

Siapa yang suka sebel waktu abis pake deodorant eh nempel ke baju trus bikin baju kita jad Rekomendasi Deodorant Anti Lengket

For those of you who want to try this Deodorant, you can get it for 43,000 rupiah. Very affordable right? If you want to know more about Need Deodorant, you can follow Instagram Need Official. The purchase link is also on Instagram. Need Deodorant.