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Review of Ariul Smooth and Pure Cleansing Foam

Ariul is famous for his sheet masks, but recently Ariul started releasing other skincare products. One of the first skincare products that Ariul released was Ariul Smooth and Pure. The Ariul Smooth and Pure series consists of three cleanser products, namely Cleansing Wipes, Micellar Water, and Facial Foam. This time I want to review Ariul Smooth and Pure Cleansing Foam.

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For information, this product contains fragrance. But the scent is really soft and not too strong. The smell is also fresh, like there is a scent of bergamot/lemon, so it can make the experience of using this product even more enjoyable.

Senka Perfect Whip. Even though the foam is not as much as Senka's, the fragrance of Ariul Smooth and Pure Cleansing Foam is really fresh!

Overall, I really like this product! The texture is super soft and the smell really makes me fall in love. If you are someone who likes foamy facial soap, try Ariul Smooth and Pure Cleansing Foam...