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Scarlett Whitening Serum Review: Is It Really Good?!

bodycare product review from Scarlett Whitening. Scarlett is known for her body care products. But now Scarlett has skincare products too! They have two serum variants, namely Acne Serum and Brightly Ever After Serum. These two new Scarlett serums are really hype everywhere, on Instagram, TikTok, and even Twitter! Because so many people say this product is good, that's why I'm curious to try it too. Is it really good?

product to treat the acne first, for example using the Scarlett Acne Serum variant. Just like the previous variant, this product can be used in the morning and at night.

The packaging of this product is the same as the previous Acne Serum variant but with a different color design, namely pink. The contents of the product are the same, namely 20 ml. The quality of the packaging and the applicator is good, I like it.

retinol toner used before using this serum. The results are safe, so I think this serum is suitable when used together with other actives such as retinol.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu aku sempat menuliskan  Review Serum Scarlett Whitening : Emang Beneran Bagus?!

Well, I've been using this product for about 10 days and this serum helps to disguise my acne scars (above photo). I also really like the effect of brightening the skin! He can make the skin stay bright even though he does a lot of activities that make the skin look dull. In addition, my skin also looks more glowing. Oh yes, the PAO of this Scarlett Whitening serum product is 6 months.

For the price of 75,000, I think this serum is really worth trying because the effect is really good and not overrated. In addition, Scarlett Whitening is also a brand that has BPOM and does not do animal testing.

Beberapa waktu yang lalu aku sempat menuliskan  Review Serum Scarlett Whitening : Emang Beneran Bagus?!

I just read that a lot of Scarlett products are fake. So make sure what you get is the original product! You can get these two serums through the Scarlett Whitening official shop at shopee at a price of 75,000 per product. The price is very affordable right?