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Basic Skincare : Secrets of Skin Without Problems

Who here uses a lot of skincare products, uses high end products too, but doesn't feel like their face is getting better? Are you sure you haven't done basic skincare yet? Or don't know what basic skincare really is? So here....

Basic skincare consists of four steps which are often referred to as CTMP. Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing and Protecting. Why is CTMP important? Because the CTMP step is the foundation of the next skincare steps. Even though I often try new skincare, I still have my mainstay basic skincare. My basic skincare can be said to have 'settle'. My basic skincare products are not adventurous, their function is only to moisturize. Because I think well-hydrated skin is the key to everything.

This is my basic skincare. There is a soothing cleanser wash, soothing skin toner, hydrating moisturizer cream, and protection day cream. These four products have become my favorite because they make my skin moisturized and supple. My skin used to be really dry, but since I found the right basic skincare, my skin is finally back to normal!

Oh yes, to find the right basic skincare you must first understand the condition of your skin. Why? Because it will affect what kind of product you will use. So the first step to determine basic skincare is to first identify your skin type.

Elsheskin Soothing Cleanser Wash

This is the cleanser that I use. Of the various types of cleansers that Elsheskin has, why did I choose the soothing one? Because my skin is sensitive. Easily red and irritated. So I'm looking to be safe by using products that are specially formulated for sensitive skin. You can read the full review of this product in the Elsheskin Soothing Cleanser Wash Review post.

Elsheskin Soothing Toner

Toner is very important to use every day after washing your face. Because this toner functions to restore the pH of the skin after washing your face with products that are usually not in accordance with the pH of our skin. In addition, the toner also functions to clean the remaining dirt on the face as well as to moisturize the skin.

I use a special toner for sensitive skin. Just like when choosing a face wash, I also choose one that is safe for sensitive skin. For application, I use a cotton swab and tap it on my face. Don't rub it, you'll get irritated.

Elsheskin Hydrating Moisturizer Cream

The next step after cleansing and toning is moisturizing, or using a moisturizer. My favorite moisturizer is this Elsheskin Hydrating Moisturizer. I swear I love this product so much, I keep repurchasing it over and over again. You can read the review in the Elsheskin Hydrating Moisturizer Cream Review.

Moisturizer is really important, guys. So that our skin is not dry and not too oily. How come? So if our skin is dry and not given a moisturizer, it will be even drier. But if our skin is oily and we don't use moisturizer, then the skin will produce more oil because it feels less moisturised. So don't skip using moisturizer!

Elsheskin Day Protection

The last step in basic skincare is protect! This is no less important for our skin. Wearing sunscreen is very important because it will protect our skin from UV A and UV B. If we don't use sunscreen, black spots and other signs of premature aging can appear. Very cool right?

Now like the previous steps, choosing a sunscreen must also be adjusted to the type and condition of our skin. You can check this post to estimate which sunscreen is right for you.

After you are sure about your basic skincare, you can start trying other skincare products like essence, serum, ampoule, and others. Then when you don't like the product, and it becomes a breakout, you go back to your basic skincare to return your skin to its original condition.

You can also try my basic skincare products, my twin, if we have the same skin type and condition. You can buy these products at Elsheskin's official store at Shopee ( or via Sociolla. If you want to get a 10% discount, you can shop via official WA and Line elsheskin (check Instagram @elsheskin) and use the code "SQUADBELLA".