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LBP Clean Oceans Edition Body Wash Review

Hello how are you all? What are you busy with? Now I'm doing online KKN, hihi. Can you imagine how KKN is online? I'll tell you in the SNP Ruby Nutrition Eye Patch Review, it's fresh and lasts long!

My Thoughts
What I like about this product is the fragrance and the campaign! If you are the type who likes fresh fragrances, you must try this body wash. The resulting foam is not too much. I think for one use also requires quite a lot of product.

Oh yes, this body wash is the type that moisturizes and makes the skin feel smooth. It looks like the soap isn't clean yet, but actually it's already clean and does leave a slippery and moist impression on the body.

Overall, this product is interesting to try because it is quite different from other variants of LBP. Are you guys interested?