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Mia Glansie Gold Glow Lifting Serum Review

It's no longer Augustan, but I'm really itching to tell the local brand that I've been trying for about a month. If you look at local brands today, you feel very proud because they are growing and the products are really good! At first I thought this brand was a new brand, because I just heard the name. But it turns out they've been around since 2009! The Brand is the Most Powerful Local Skincare Product Recommendation!

I was contacted by Mia Glansie to try one of her products. At first, they asked me about my skin condition and if I wasn't compatible with certain ingredients. Then, they recommended one of their serums which isGold Glow Lifting Serum.

Elsheskin's retinol serum because he doesn't dare to layer Elsheskin with other serum products.

When I first started using it, I was a bit surprised by the smell. I thought the scent would be less strong, but it turned out to be quite strong and I found it smelled like alcohol. Actually, I used to be the type of person who likes scented skincare, but recently I've been trying unscented skincare more often, so my nose has become very sensitive to strong smells. But after a week of use, I'm getting used to it and I'm actually liking the smell! Actually, the smell will disappear when it starts to sink in, so it's safe.

In one use, I initially only used one pump because I felt that one pump was enough for my entire face. But lately I've been using 1.5 - 2 pumps because it tastes good, moist, cold. And I just realized that this product is really easy to use, especially if you use 2 pumps at a time and then use it in the morning and evening :')

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Btw, Mia Glansie also opens a skin consultation too! So you can get a product that suits your skin condition. So, for more information, you can open their Instagram! Those of you who want to try Mia Glansie products and want to get a discount, you can shop via Shopee Mia Glansie Official and enter the code "MIAGBELLA" ❤