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My Mainstay Products To Overcome Acne

During #StayHome, I imagine that my skin will be fine because it doesn't get polluted outside. But it turns out, my skin even a few times acne. When you have acne, it is very important to know the cause of acne. For me, there are several causes, ranging from menstruation to messy sleeping hours. Now, if you know the cause, of course we have to start fixing things that can be fixed. Since getting acne, I've been paying more attention to my sleeping hours. I really try not to stay up late so my skin can #GoGoGlow. But apart from improving my sleep pattern, I also use skincare products for acne.

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Well, in the last two months, a week before my period, there would be pimples. Sometimes one pimple, sometimes two to three. Well, every month the type of acne is different. So the way I dealt with acne in the previous month may not necessarily be able to use it again to deal with acne this month.

My Skincare Routine

Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad Review : #MakinGlowing Skin Secrets

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