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Pond's Juice Collection Watermelon Gel Cream Moisturizer Review

Who likes to be in love with the packaging of one product, then finally buy it because it's cute? If you are like that, then we are the same! I really like cute product packaging, really interesting and ask for check-out haha. One of the products that I bought because of the cute packaging is this product, Pond's Juice Collection Watermelon Gel Cream Moisturizer.

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Oh yeah, if you look at the ingredients, this product belongs to the humectant moisturizer category. What does it mean? Humectant means the product will draw water from the deeper layers of the skin to the top layer of the skin. Its function is to prevent the skin from losing water.

Texture & Scent
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Judging from its claims, this product can make the skin look smoother. I think that claim is proven. When I use this product, my skin immediately looks smoother and smoother. I think this product can be used as a primer for daily use.

This product can be used in the morning or at night. But I personally prefer to use it in the morning. I think I need the subtle effect if I want to wear makeup. So even though it's not moisturised, I'll tweak it to get the smooth effect but my face is still moisturised. Well, I don't like using it at night because at night I really focus on hydrating my skin. It's a bit of a waste to use this product at night even though it's not so moisturised.

Oh yes, I have tips for those of you who want to use this product. Previously, you used hydrating toner, essence, and serum that moisturized first. If necessary, use several layers, so that it is solid. Just used this product and don't forget to layer it with a moisturizing sunscreen in the morning.

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Let's check how the claim is, is it proven or not..
  • oil-free gel cream moisturizer with a light formula - yes! This product is super light and doesn't irritate me at all.
  • Moisturizes the skin - yes, but not greasy. You have to layer it with other hydrating products first.
  • makes pores look smooth and fresh glowing - YAAA! this is the effect i like wkwk
  • nourishes the skin - I don't think this claim is very visible because I feel that my skin has not changed after using this product. Yes, it's really just a moisturizer & primer.
Overall, this product is interesting because it is a moisturizer but can be used as a primer too. But remember, the humidity is still lacking so it needs to be layered with other hydrating products.

Rating : 3/5

Where To Buy
Shopee Mall - Unilever
Rp 24,500,-