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Pond's Skin Perfecting Cream Review

Hello! How's the umpteenth day of self-isolation? Don't forget to take care of your health, luv❤ Come on, have you ever seen a Pond's product ad that says "all skin can be wow"? So this time I will review the product, namely Pond's Skin Perfecting Cream.

So I got this product from FD Try & Review a few months ago. There are actually 3 types of this product, for oily, normal, and dry skin. I myself use the one for normal skin. I've used this product several times. Let's just read the review

So this product is a type of moisturizer from the Pond's White Beauty line. This line focuses on brightening the skin, including concealing dark spots. What's special about this line is that it's pink and soft gemes :3


This product uses tube packaging with a content of 20 grams. The packaging is very handy, perfect for carrying around. The color selection is also really nice, as I said earlier. The combination of various pink colors, all of which are soft, is pleasing to the eye.


According to theinformation on the packaging,
  • this product canmoisturize the skin
  • adjust skin tone disguise
  • dark spots and acne scars
  • make the face look brighter and smoother

This product contains Niacinamide in the third ingredient list. That means the concentration of Niacinamide is quite high, so this product is claimed to be able to make the face look brighter and disguise black spots.

In addition, although the packaging doesn't say it contains UV Protection, it turns out that this product contains Titanium Dioxide and Tin Oxide which are UV Protectors. So, this product is intended to be used in the morning or afternoon, not at night.

Oh yes, this product contains fragrance, friends! :)

Texture & Scent

This product has a creamy texture with a white color and a hint of light pink. When first applied, this product looks very thick. Likewise when it is blended, it does feel thick. At first I thought this product would feel heavy on the face. But it turns out that when it's finished blending, it doesn't feel heavy. As for the scent, it's typical of Pond's products, it's sweet but fresh. It doesn't bother me that it smells good because it's delicious.

One more addition, so this product contains tiny glitter particles that can make the skin glow. Can't you see it in the photo? there is a glowing glowing like that. But like I said, the particles are really small so it's not really visible.

My Thoughts

I think this product is suitable for those of you who want glowing makeup. If you go to college or work every day, don't worry, because the glitter will look too much. But actually the glitter is really pretty, I love it!

  • Moisturizes the skin - this product feels so moisturised
  • adjusts skin tone - hmm, I don't know what it means to be able to adjust this skin tone. Because this is a moisturizing product and doesn't have a tone up effect. It does look brighter because of the glowing effect earlier. So even now I still don't understand the meaning of this claim.
  • disguise dark spots and acne scars - Hmm, I don't really see it...
  • makes the face look brighter and smoother - yup! The issue of brightening really helps because of the glowing effect of the glitter. And this product really does make skin look smooth!

Skin Perfecting Cream -- maybe he meant to make 'perfect' look bright, glowing, and smooth. Regarding the advertisement, "all skin can be wow" in my opinion, it also means that it can look bright, glowing, and smooth.

Overall I like this product but I will not use it for everyday (college). I really like the effect, to be honest, it's glowing, bright, and smooth, that's what makes me addicted to using it.

Oh yeah, tips for those of you who want to use this product and overwrite it with a light to medium coverage foundation. You can use this moisturizer in several layers because the glow will be more visible and not inferior to the coverage of the foundation. But if you use full coverage, this product will only moisturize and not give any other effect.

You can buy this product at minimarkets/supermarkets/e-commerce at a price of 18-20 thousand.