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Product Collection : March-April

Hello! 2020 feels so fast, it's already May, it's almost the middle of the year. Even though it's rich, it's still like that. Oops. Anyway, I have new content here! The title is Product Collection, but it doesn't contain all the products that I own. But the products that have just entered my skincare & make-up collection in certain months, both gifted and bought myself. Of course, I haven't tried all of the products yet, so I can't give all of them my first impression :)

In March-April I had a lot of 'new residents' arrivals. The first factor is because this is a 2 month product combined into one. The second factor is, I just do a lot of shopping :))) So, what are the new products that I have in March-April?

First, I shopped at Sociolla! At that time there was a hefty discount, and many of my wishlist products were discounted. So, why not? :p

Emina Bright Stuff Loose Powder
I was interested in buying this because the packaging is really cute. Then I'm just curious about this loose powder, I think it's going to last because it's so big. I've tried it once, this product has a small amount of glitter but it makes my face glow. It's different from what I expected when I thought it would be matte :)))

Avoskin Miracoulus Refining Toner
It's been a long time since this product has been circulating on Instagram. I really want to try it but go back and forth for fear of trying exfo toner and the price isn't cheap either. But at that time, I opened Sociolla and saw that there was a promo for this Avoskin 2 toner bundle which was small and discounted. Just step on the gas. I've tried it and it doesn't have any negative effects on my skin. Alhamdulilah

Nivea Soothing Cleansing Oil
Many people on Instagram have tried this product and some say it can remove blackheads. Do you want to try it more? Then at that time there was also a discount at Sociolla. All right, just checkout. I haven't tried this product yet because there's still Elsheskin deep cleansing hihi

Next up, there's elsheskin! My favorite brand, mwah. Why can it be a favorite brand? Because elsheskin was the first to make me confident to write content. I'll tell you sometime :p Okay, I was sent some products from Elsheskin..

Glowing Facial Peeling
This product is used for home peeling. It doesn't have any negative effect on my skin at all. I don't use it regularly, so I can't review it yet. At first I was afraid to try this product because I have never peeled before. But it turns out it's safe

Radiant Skin Serum
This has been my love serum since the beginning of my foray into the world of beauty. You can read the review at: Elsheskin Radiant Skin Serum Review

Soothing Skin Toner
I wanted to try this product out of curiosity. I've tried the cleanser wash before, so I just wanted to try the toner. But until now I haven't tried it because there are a lot of toners that have been opened :)) You can read the review of the cleanser wash at: Elsheskin Soothing Cleanser Wash Review

Hydrating Moisturizer Cream
In this case, I always stock up. Anyway, you can't have this product at home. I really like this product because it is super moist. It's perfect for any time. The review can be read at: Elsheskin Hydrating Moisturizer Cream Review

Lip Serum
I deliberately stocked up lip serum because the fasting month is very prone to dry lips and then they crack. This product is super moist and can make dry lips healthy again

Smooth Lip Matte (Oh My Nude! & Hello Beautiful)
This lip cream is really cool, it's not a lie. I swear, even though I was given Elsheskin, my review never lies, really. The review can be read at: My Signature Make Up Look + Elsheskin Lipcream Review

Acne Night Treatment
This is trying to be careful if for example acne. Eh, recently I've had acne :)) Well, I'm grateful, so I can do a review of this product, wow. Wait for the review!

I was shopping at Madame Gie's official shop at shopee. I think there was a discount at that time. Can you imagine that Madame Gie's products are already cheap, then add a discount :)) But Madame Gie's shopee does often have discounts, just check it out

Beauty Mud Icing Mask (Glacier & Bamboo Charcoal)
I really want to try Madame Gie's mask because it's super cute. But until now I haven't tried it, so I can't give a review yet

Magnifique Lip Tint (Rose & Salmon)
In the past, it was recommended by a friend to try Madame Gie's lipstick. But it's always sold out, only the purple one. When I checked yesterday, there are other colors. Immediately wrap. I like the lip tint because it is very moist. Soon I will review yaa

Pond's Juice Collection Sheetmask (Watermelon & Aloe Vera)
The packaging is so cute! Especially the watermelon, it looks really fresh. This is also Pond's new product so I'm really curious to try it. But until now I haven't tried it yet, he he he

Pond's Juice Collection Gel Moisturizer (Watermelon)
This claim can make the skin so smooth, and it works! I really like the finish. I love the texture too, the smell is great!!! Worth to try Btw, here is the jar version. I really want to buy it but I don't know haha

Next up, a package from SNP! I was sent 3 SNP Mini products and 3 of their sheet masks.

SNP Mini (Cleansing Foan, Essence, Serum)
Everything has a review and you can read it at: SNP's New Product : SNP MINIS! #miniwithbigimpact (Review)

SNP Jelly Mask
I swear this is so cute isn't it?! I don't really like jelly masks, but let's try this gemes. Yes again, I haven't tried it guys :))

Viva Face Tonic (Jancum & Spirulina)
I bought both of these at the convenience store. Actually, I used the yam, but I was curious about spirulina because at that time someone had a review on Instagram

Clear Ice Cool Menthol
Finally, I was sent the new product, Clear and the home tester. This is an anti-dandruff shampoo. I've tried it and it makes my hair really fresh, soft, and really reduces dandruff

Those are the new products that came to my house! If there is no review yet, I will review it soon! Watch my blog and Instagram (@bellabeautydiary) for the review