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Review of Lacoco Intensive Treatment Eye Serum

Panda eyes have been my 'best friend' since middle school. I don't know for sure what actually made me have panda eyes at that time. In my 20s, I started wanting to take care of the skin around my eyes. So, lately I've been curious about eye treatments, from eye cream to eye serum. One of them is Lacoco Intensive Treatment Eye Serum. Anyone remember this product? This product is included in my version of the Most Powerful Local Skincare Product Recommendation.

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As for the scent itself, I don't think it's too strong. Even though if you look at the ingredients, this product contains perfume. But its position is at the end of the list, so it may not be too strong.

My Thoughts

This is the best eye treatment I've ever tried! Its easy to absorb texture makes me fall in love. This product also makes a difference in my panda eyes. Oh yeah, I usually use 1 pump at a time for both the eyelid and under eye area.

Within a month of use, this product can relieve puffy eyes and slightly brighten the dark under eye area. I also find this product very moisturizing around the eye area.

This product is suitable for those of you who need eye treatment products but don't want heavy ones. The price is 180,000 and you can check Lacoco's Instagram for product and purchase information!