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Elsheskin 5 in 1 Eyessential Night Serum review

Who likes to stay up late and the area under their eyes becomes dark? Or is it me, are you starting to see fine lines in the under eye area? You all know that fine lines under the eyes are a sign of premature aging. So how to solve it?

Actually the key to a healthy skin area around the eyes is one, it must be treated! It is treated by maintaining a sleep pattern, maintaining hydration by drinking water, not rubbing your eyes, and can also be balanced with the use of skincare. One of the skincare that can be used is Eye Serum. All these efforts will be #BeautyGuardian for you❤

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The retinol used is Encapsulated Retinol, the same as the retinol in Elsheskin Active Rejuvenating Night Serum. Encapsulated Retinol is known to be more stable because the particles are released slowly.

Vitamin C in this product functions as an antioxidant and stimulates the formation of collagen. Vitamin C can also brighten the skin, so bye panda eyes! Red Algae is also as rich in vitamin C, contains antioxidants that can prevent skin aging. Apple Stem Cells function is to regenerate skin cells. This peptide is also good for anti-aging because it can stimulate collagen. If you already know Hyaluronic Acid, it's really good for making skin moisturized and avoiding wrinkles. Finally, Polyglutamic Acid function is to increase skin elasticity. The ingredients are cute, aren't they?

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Siapa yang suka begadang trus area bawah matanya jadi gelap Review Elsheskin 5 in 1 Eyessential Night Serum

I have been using this Elsheskin 5 in 1 Eyessential Night Serum for more than two months, I feel that the skin area around my eyes is more well-groomed. If I stay up late at night, the eye bags don't darken badly. Then when you cry at night, in the morning it's not as puffy as that.

If you look at the before and after photos, you can see that the fine lines under my eyes have also reduced. Even though I don't see drastic progress, I like and enjoy every little change.

Let's see if all the claims are proven?

  • brightens panda eyes and dark circles - yes!
  • reduce puffy eyes - yes really hihi
  • tighten the eye area skin that looks sagging - not visible because there is no sagging area yet
  • smooths fine lines around the eyes - yes
  • hydrates the eyes so they become more moist and feel fresh - yes!

For those of you who want to try it, you can directly checkout via the Elsheskin website or the official WA Elsheskin! Don't forget to use the code "SQUADBELLA" to get a 10% discount

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