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REVIEW : Azarine Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Gel SPF 45 PA++++

Hey guys, this time I'm back again with a review of a sunscreen product that I've been trying for a month. Lately I've started to realize the importance of using sunscreen in the day skincare routine. I usually use sunscreen when I go out. But now even though I stay at home I try not to skip using sunscreen. Actually, I just opened my sunscreen which is aqua skin, but because it has a tone-up effect, I feel a bit uncomfortable if I use it daily. Because the aqua tone up skin sunscreen is better to use as a make-up base (it makes a really good make-up).

That's why I'm trying to find a sunscreen that's more comfortable for daily use, even without makeup. When I opened the review platform, I got information that there is a local sunscreen product that is currently very hype among skincare enthusiasts, the brand name is Azarine. I swear I'm still unfamiliar with the brand name. In fact, I just found out recently that there is a local skincare brand called Azarine :')

The product name is Azarine Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Gel SPF 45 PA++++, from the information I got, Azarine prioritizes the use of natural or organic ingredients in its products. Another thing that makes me really want to try this sunscreen compared to sunscreens from other brands is that it has a 4.9 rating out of 2000+ reviews on FemaleDaily, that's crazy, isn't it?

That's why I decided to give this azarine sunscreen a try and wanted to prove for myself how good this sunscreen really was until the hype came out.

Ok guys, let's start the review!


The sunscreen packaging is in the form of a plastic tube bottle equipped with a box. The color is a combination of turquoise green, yellow and white. It is very eye-catching to glance at the packaging. Oh yes, the content of the sunscreen is 50 ml. That's quite a lot in my opinion.

The packaging design is not too complicated, I think the packaging is easy to remember because the color combination is quite bright. It's just that when I bought it, the condition of the box was a bit damaged, it came off a bit from the glue so it was gaping like that, but I added tape to the shop owner so that the foundation of the box wouldn't come off. Btw I bought it at a cosmetic shop, not through e-commerce. At that time, there was only one sunscreen left on display and it was the last stock. So there is no choice to choose another packaging

For the quality of the packaging, I think it needs to be upgraded again to make it more sturdy. I feel that the box and tube cap are also very flimsy. Every time I open it, I'm afraid the cap will break because the lattice on the tube cap looks really thin. As for the 50 ml sunscreen, I think the tube is too big. When I tried to flash the tube, the contents of the sunscreen didn't reach half the tube.

The information on the packaging is good, because the product descriptions are very complete, both on the tube and on the box.

Azarine is known to have skincare products with natural and organic ingredients. This Azarine Hydrasoothe sunscreen gel product SPF 45 PA++++ claims to have the advantages of Oil free, Alcohol free and Silicone Free. It's very interesting. Besides that, the thing that made me interested in trying the product was because Azarine sunscreen contains Propolis in it. I really like the content of propolis in skincare products because it usually gives good results on my skin. This Azarine sunscreen also has a lightweight, non-sticky formula, easily absorbed and has Broad Spectrum full protection.

Ingredients list

Judging from the ingredients list, there are a lot of natural ingredients.In addition to containing natural ingredients propolis, Azarine Sunscreen also contains Aloe vera, Green tea, pomegranade, cucumber, allantoin and niacinamide which have various benefits that are good for the skin.

The first impression when using this sunscreen is the cool effect, aka the cooling sensation, which is really annoying. The color is white, slightly yellowish, the texture reminds me of the Emina sunscreen texture, but this Azarine is lighter and has a more gel lotion texture. I think it will be difficult for him to absorb considering the product with a gel lotion texture takes a bit of time to absorb. Apparently, this azarine sunscreen absorbs quickly and doesn't make it sticky. There is no slippery feel or greasy look after using this azarine sunscreen. People with combination to oily skin types will definitely like this azarine sunscreen.

As for the scent, I'm confused as to what kind of fragrance it smells like, it's similar to aloe products but it smells fresh and doesn't have a strong scent, after blending it, the scent slowly fades away. No alcohol smell at all. The first time I used it, I didn't feel tight. Very safe on my skin.

I'm not a fan of using a full 2 ​​finger sunscreen myself, I don't know, I don't know, I'm not comfortable following the suggestion of using 2 finger sunscreen because it's too much for my face and it's hard to absorb. But at least I usually use as much as 2 fingers but as long as 3/4 of my knuckles to my face and this azarine sunscreen is quite comfortable to apply on my face. This azarine sunscreen doesn't make my face greasy after a few hours of use. It didn't cause any breakouts for 1 month when I used it and I think the protection is good because my face doesn't look streaky when I use azarine sunscreen.

This azarine spf 45 PA++++ sunscreen is quite comfortable to use as a daily sunscreen when you're at home. But I don't like using this azarine sunscreen for my makeup base. I don't know why I feel that it makes my face look dull over time (?) Or maybe it's because I already like sunscreen with a tone up effect as a base makeup because I feel that when I use a tone up sunscreen my face doesn't look dull even when I put on makeup. But I like the finish of this azarine sunscreen because it gives a glowing effect that makes my face look healthy, not greasy.

Back to taste, okay? So I prefer to use 2 different sunscreens for my needs. For daily use, I like to use this azarine sunscreen when I'm at home or not wearing makeup. However, when I use makeup, I prefer to use a sunscreen that has a tone-up effect, like aqua skin sunscreen. Overall, this azarine sunscreen product is really good and worth the hype. For those of you with oily skin. I recommend this because it's really comfortable and doesn't make my face oily. It's even really safe to use on my dry skin, it doesn't make my face sticky at all because it's oily. It even gives a healthy glowing effect. But I don't like using this sunscreen as a base for my makeup. It's still good to use under makeup but for some reason I prefer to use a tone-up sunscreen when I'm wearing makeup.

Oh yeah, if it's about the price, I can say that this azarine sunscreen is quite pricey, I bought it at a discount, the price is IDR. 65,000 gangs in a cosmetic shop in Garut. Even though it's pricey, I think it's worth it, and Azarine is a local brand, so let's support local products, because I think local products are of good quality and can even compete with products from abroad.

Ok guys, that's my review this time. Hope it helps! See you on another review^^

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