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REVIEW : SNP Pomegranate Intensive Soothing Gel

Hey gangs! This time I'm back with a review of a product that I've been using for about 2 weeks, namely SNP Pomegranate Intensive Shooting gel. SNP (Shining Nature Purity) is known as a Korean skincare brand that has many sheetmask variants and according to my experience, from several sheetmask variants that I have tried from this SNP brand, they have good quality and unique formulas and the most important thing is that the price is quite affordable, even at shopee they like to have discounts and promos for their sheetmask products so they can buy a lot hihihi. Oh yes, besides its popular sheetmask product, SNP also has another mainstay product, namely intensive soothing gel made from bird nest, aloe vera, snail and pomegranate ingredients which I will review in this post.

Previously I've tried the variant with Aloe Vera and I quite like it. Then how is the performance of this product? Are the benefits better than the Aloe-vera variant? Let's see the review!


Just like the usual soothing gel product packaging on the market, SNP Pomegranate Intensive Soothing Gel is packaged in a semi-transparent red pomegranate round jar that is large enough to contain 300 grams. The plastic material is quite sturdy and the inside is equipped with a lid to keep the contents of the product from falling apart. Oh yes, when the SNP Pomegranate Intensive Soothing Gel product was new, it was equipped with plastic wrap to keep the product safer.

Seeing the size of the packaging, I think it's a bit complicated to carry it when traveling. It's better to just move the contents to a smaller jar/tube so it doesn't take up space. If it's a big package like this, I prefer to use it specifically at home, guys.

The packaging design looks very fresh and eye-catching, with illustrations of pomegranates or pomegranates that look fresh, making the eyes excited to see them. The packaging also includes product information and ingredients at the bottom of the packaging. There are also Indonesian labels from SNP importers/distributors in Indonesia, making it easier for us to understand the benefits of the product in a nutshell.

On the side of the jar are the highlights of this SNP Pomegranate intensive soothing gel product, namely "pomegranate", "glowing" and "vitality"

Overall I have no problem with the packaging. The packaging is easy to open and close. It's just because the packaging is a jar, we have to keep our fingers and hands clean when using the product so that the quality of the product remains sterile and not contaminated with germs or bacteria from our fingers. It's even better to take the gel using a spatula. But since I lost my skincare spatula, I took the product with my finger. But don't forget to wash your hands before applying the gel.

Basically, soothing gel products such as SNP Pomegrante Intensive Soothing Gel have various benefits such as being used as a sleeping pack, body lotion, after-shaving cream to soothe and nourish the skin, eye gel and as hair gel to nourish hair.

For the Pomegranate Gel variant, it is useful for providing moisture, calming and brightening as well as revitalizing the skin and repairing damaged skin with its pomegranate extract. This multifunctional soothing gel has a non-sticky formula and is suitable for all skin types. Fyi, all SNP Intensive Soothing Gel products are allergen free, and safe because they are officially registered with BPOM.

How to use the product is also very easy, make sure your fingers and hands are clean, then take enough product and apply it as a moisturizer to the face, body, eye area as eye gel or hair to use as hair gel or hair essence.

From the list of ingredients, this product certainly contains 19,000ppm or 92% of pomegranate or pomegranate fruit, as well as several other natural extract ingredients such as centella asiatica, licorice, Rosemary, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, Chamomilla flower extract, Rose flower extract, peppermint , lavender, sage leaf, and Matricaria leaf extract aka chamomila leaf extract. In addition, this SNP Pomegranate Intensive Soothing Gel contains sodium hyaluronic and allantoin which are good for moisturizing the skin. Fyi, the third place in the list of ingredients has alcohol in it. The function of alcohol in soothing gel and other skincare products as far as I know usually functions as a solvent (solvent) in products, emulsifiers, anti-bacterial and there are even certain types of alcohol that can moisturize the skin such as cetearyl alcohol. But even so, you don't need to worry, because surely the levels are in safe amounts or limits that can be tolerated by all skin types. Oh yes, the gel product looks red when viewed, but that's the reflection of light from the red packaging. The gel product itself does not contain dyes / colorants so the gel is clear or transparent.

Similar to the texture of the multi-function gel products that I have tried, the color is clear and the texture is quite thick and melts, aka melts when it is exposed to or blended into the skin. I feel the SNP Pomegranate Intensive Soothing Gel formula is a bit more 'thick' or 'thick' than the SNP Intensive Gel variant which is aloe vera. Actually, it's not that much different, the texture is almost exactly the same. But this pomegrante is a little thicker. Surprisingly, maybe because the texture is a little different, I feel that this pomegranate variant is more moist. When applied and blended, it absorbs quickly. Besides that, the skin looks a little wet, the gel has been absorbed, you see, take a look at the swatches below:

Comparison of the textures of SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate and Aloe vera, From the photo above, it can be seen that this pomegrante variant is a little thicker and doesn't melt or melt when it hits the skin. The aloe vera variant melts faster.

Now that it's absorbed, the skin becomes moisturised and comfortable. Not dry anymore. Btw, now I only use this as a substitute for body lotion and soothing gel when my hands are driving. It feels so soothing on my skin. Oh yeah, for the fragrance, I think the pomegranate variant tends to smell sweet but still fresh. I've used other skincare products that contain pomegranate and the smell is more or less the same, that is, it smells sweet like candy but the scent tends to be soft, not too strong. There is a very slight alcohol smell to it but it doesn't bother me and it's safe on my skin. Btw, I really like the smell, after blending the scent, it doesn't linger or stick to the skin and the scent just goes away. I think the pomegrante scent is softer than the aloe vera variant. So when it comes to fragrance, I prefer the pomegranate one. In my opinion, this Pomegaranate variant matches one of its highlights, namely "glowing". Because after using this, I feel that my skin looks a little glow, even though the gel has already absorbed into the skin. For its "vitality" ability, I think it's quite noticeable because after using this product, my skin becomes moist and a bit supple.

Actually, I've tried SNP Pomegranate Intensive Soothing Gel several times on my face in two weeks as a moisturizer. When I tried it, it didn't cause any stinging reaction and it absorbed well into my skin. However, because my skin type is very dry, I feel that its moisturizing ability is still lacking. I prefer products with a cream texture to moisturize my face. Maybe next time I can use this SNP Pomegrante Intensive Soothing Gel as a sleeping pack. For now, I mostly use SNP Pomegrante Intensive Soothing Gel as a hand & body gel lotion. For the body area, the moisturizing ability is quite good and doesn't make it sticky or not sticky at all. So far my skin has maintained its smoothness and moisture.

It's a good product, this is my first time trying a soothing gel with pomegranate as the main ingredient. Surprisingly, the product met my expectations. When compared to SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate, I prefer SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate because after trying it, it turns out that this pomegranate variant is more suitable for my dry skin type because it has a more moisturizing effect. Besides that, in terms of fragrance, I also really like it because it is soft and the scent is sweet but still fresh.

If you are interested in trying the SNP Intensive Soothing Gel Pomegranate product, you can get it through the official SNP e-commerce store at Shopee, the SNP Official Shop at a price of IDR. 100,000 with 300gram contents. This product must be very durable because it contains so much. Sometimes the price has a discount or promo, so it can be cheaper, when I check now the price is again discounted to IDR. 80,000 thousand, guys! Besides Shopee, you can also shop for their products on other e-commerce applications such as Lazada, Tokopedia, and Sociolla.

Oh yes, if you have questions about SNP products, you can visit their website or follow their official social media account on Instagram

Okay guys, that's my review this time about SNP Pomegranate Intensive Soothing Gel, I hope it helps, see you on another review!^^