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3 Tips for Using Red Lipstick

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In my opinion, red lipstick is really tricky to apply because it can make your face look older. That's why I've rarely used bold lipstick, especially red. But now I'm starting to feel confident and I will give tips on wearing red lipstick for those of you who are still not confident about wearing red lipstick!

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Ombre lips have become my favorite since I first started exploring makeup because they are really safe. Lips do not look pale, but not over too! Here, I used Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte shades Hello Beautiful and Queensberry .

These ombre lips have been really hits since the Korean makeup 'fever' started to enter Indonesia. This technique makes the lip color into a gradation or have a two-color transition. To make ombre lips, you need two different lipstick colors. Darker colors are usually used on the inside of the lips.

My Signature Makeup because it's matte, light, and the colors are beautiful! My favorites are actually two shades, Oh My Nude! and HelloBeautiful. But when I saw this Queensberry, honestly, I was really curious and interested to try it even though the color wasn't really me. When I tried it, it turned out to be beautiful and the results weren't as rich as I thought. At first I thought wearing red lipstick would always give an old and fierce impression, but apparently it's not Queensberry 😍

banget untuk dipake karna bisa bikin tampilan wajah jadi kelihatan lebih tua 3 Tips Memakai Lipstick Merah
banget untuk dipake karna bisa bikin tampilan wajah jadi kelihatan lebih tua 3 Tips Memakai Lipstick Merah

If you are looking for a red liquid lipstick that is suitable for all skintones, has a light texture, good coverage, is matte and lasts long, then I recommend you to try this Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte shade Queensberry! It was the first time I tried using red lipstick, I fell in love right away.

You can get this product through the official WA Elsheskin or through the Elsheskin website. Don't forget to use the code "SQUADBELLA" to get a 10% discount. You can see more detailed information about the product on Instagram.

Those were 3 tips for wearing my red lipstick. Do you have any tips for wearing red lipstick? Share dong