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Emina Bright Stuff Loose Powder Review

Elsheskin loose powder to put the product and use a brush to apply it.


my daily make-up. I actually use this product almost every day after applying sunscreen. The reason is because I don't like seeing the finish of the sunscreen on my face, it looks like it's over-glowing. So I usually use this loose powder to make it look more matte. And yes, this product makes my face look matte but feel super light.

When it comes to coverage, you can't expect this product because in my opinion it doesn't give any coverage to the face. I think it's more about making facial skin look smooth but not covering up pimples or scars.

The glitter particles in this product make the face glow instantly but not too much. In fact, I still dare to wear this to campus because it's not really visible. So for example, in one use, there will only be 4 glitter particles, on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and near the lips. So I don't think it's too much.

Apasih produk makeup yang paling nggak bisa kalian tinggalin Review Emina Bright Stuff Loose Powder

Like I said, this product actually makes the face matte but it still feels light and makes it a little brighter. In the photo above, I use the most greasy and oily sunscreen I have, then I immediately overwrite this product and it makes it matte and looks smoother!

When it comes to durability, this product doesn't have a good resistance. The water just disappeared, but it's not the one that keeps making stripes like that. Like I said, it doesn't give any coverage so when it gets lost or smudged, it doesn't leave any marks. So the solution is to also take this product for touch ups. But a new problem arose again, namely the packaging that was not touch up-friendly.

If you are looking for a lightweight loose powder that has a matte finish and doesn't really need coverage, this product can be tried. I myself bought this product at Sociolla for 18,000 rupiah (I forgot it was a discounted price or not).

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