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Glowing Sunscreen Review: Ella SPF 50 Moisturizer Day Cream

The discussion about skincare is not far from what is called basic skincare. Remember that the steps included in basic skincare are cleansing-toning-moisturizing-protecting. Well, there are at least 4 steps for skincare. For those of you who don't like complicated, there is a product called day cream. This day cream is a combination of moisturizer and sunscreen.

Before I knew the basic skincare steps, I already used Wardah White Secret Day Cream. I think day cream is practical and very simple. So this time I tried the Moisturizer Day Cream from Ella!

Ella Whitening Cream.

This Ella Moisturiser Day Cream product is a day cream formulated for those with normal to dry skin. Oh yes, this product contains SPF 50, which is quite high for a day cream.

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There is one more thing that I like about this product, which is that the price is really affordable!!!! You can get this product at a price of 57,000 rupiah. You can get the product through this link. You can also consult first via the link above...

For more information about Ella, you can follow Ella's Instagram. Usually promo and discount info is also shared via their Instagram, don't miss it!

Are you interested in a hybrid product between moisturizer and sunscreen like this?