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Scarlett Whitening Day and Night Cream Review

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I myself have been using the Scarlett Whitening Day and Night Cream, which is the Brightly Ever After variant, for about 10 days and it really suits my skin!

REVIEW Brighten Skin in a Week with Scarlett Whitening

 Brand lokal milik Felicya Angelista ini punya produk face care baru lho Review Scarlett Whitening Day and Night Cream

Besides trying the cream, I also tried the face wash. The texture is so beautiful! It's also soft when applied and can clean the face well. Smells fresh too.

So far I like this product, my favorite is the Day Cream! It has a light but moist texture which makes it great for morning use.

For those of you who want to try Scarlett Whitening products, you can order via whatsapp (0877-0035-3000), line (@scarlett_whitening), or Shopee Mall Scarlett Whitening Official Shop. The price is 75,000 rupiah per product.

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