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Elsheskin Active Rejuvenating Night Serum Review, Touch It!

Who doesn't know that Elsheskin has just released a new product, namely Active Rejuvenating Night Serum, aka Retinol Serum?!? Retinol is indeed a favorite ingredient for many people. Why is this retinol so popular with beauty enthusiasts? How come in less than a year, so many brands are releasing retinol skincare in sequence? Well, this retinol is a derivative of vitamin A and it turns out to be very effective at preventing and overcoming the signs of premature aging! Curious how the retinol serum from Elsheskin works on my skin? Read to the end!❤

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Texture and Scents

Radiant Skin Serum, but absorbed into the skin still fast. This product is not sticky when applied. For the aroma itself, I think it's really minimal so it's not very smelly.

My Thoughts

I've been using this product for a long time, more than a month. But I put it on and off, because I've tried several other products too. But when I have a problem with my skin, I will come back to this serum again. The changes that I feel, it can help relieve acne and fade acne scars.

My Mainstay Products To Overcome Acne

This Elsheskin Active Rejuvenating Night Serum is my first retinol. But keep in mind that previously I already had a basic skincare line that settled and suited my skin. Then I also got used to being diligent in using sunscreen.

Overall, I'm really satisfied with the results of this retinol serum on my skin. If asked whether it makes the skin dry or not? The answer is it could be. Why? Because this retinol effect is to make the skin dry. So that's why basic skincare and sunscreen are so important to 'support' this retinol.

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For those of you who are over 20 years old and feel like you need retinol for your skin, you really have to try this serum because the results are really good! You can buy this product at a price of 240,000 on the website/official WA Elsheskin and use my code "SQUADBELLA" to get a 10% discount. Well, you can get more information on Elsheskin's Instagram!

How? Are you more curious about this Elsheskin Active Rejuvenating Night Serum?