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Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad Review : #MakinGlowing Skin Secrets

I am a person who really likes local products, especially skincare. One local brand that I like is Elsheskin! My favorite Elsheskin product is Radiant Skin Serum. At first I wasn't sure if the product would be that good, but it turned out to be really cool.

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Some time ago, I saw that Elsheskin was releasing the Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad bundle which containedtheir top 3 brightening products and the Radiant Skin Serum in it! I was really curious about it and ordered it right away. Now I want to share with you how the results of Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad on my skin for 2 weeks of regular use.

This Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad bundle contains three products, namely Glowing Facial Peeling, Radiant Skin Serum, and Brightening Cream. Let's discuss its use and how to use it one by one!

Elsheskin Glowing Facial Peeling

So this is a product that works for exfoliating or removing dead skin cells on our faces. Why do dead skin cells on the face need to be removed? Because it's dead skin cells that make our face look dull, then it blocks the various skincare we use so they can't absorb it perfectly. That's why it's so important to exfoliate 1-2 times a week.

When I first read the name of this product, I was immediately scared because the name is 'peeling' and the product can be used at home. Usually the peeling treatment is done at a beauty clinic. But don't worry guys, it turns out that this product is really safe. Not scary at all, lol. This product contains 3.6% AHA and the AHA used is Lactic Acid.

I use this product once a week. How to use it is applied to the face and then left for 2-3 minutes (for the first use) or 3-5 minutes (for the next use) then rinsed off. When you use it, there is a tingly, itchy feeling, but it's not that bad.

Elsheskin Radiant Skin Serum

After the dead skin cells are removed, it's time to apply the serum! I've reviewed this serum before, you can scroll to the top of the beginning of this post to click the link :) This product contains Glycerin, Niacinamide, and Arbutin.

Now, this Radiant Skin Serum has changed the packaging so it's even better. If in the previous review I said the packaging was a bit lacking, now it looks like this product is perfect in my eyes wkwk

Elsheskin Brightening Cream

For the last product, there is Brightening Cream! This is a kind of moisturizer whose function is to moisturize, brighten the skin and make the skin glow! I only use this product at night after using the serum.

The texture of this product is very light, almost like a gel. It absorbs quickly, so if you want to layer it again, you can also use an occlusive product. This product contains Niacinamide, Arbutin, and Centella Asiatica too!

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The Result
For 2 weeks of use, I really routinely use the serum twice a day, peeling once a week, and brightening cream every night. But I also don't forget to double cleanse every night and use sunscreen in the morning. This is the result...
Before using the products in Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad, my face looked dull. After 2 weeks of regular use, my face became brighter (not white), fresh, and #MakinGlowing! It feels so good to see the changes on my face after using itElsheskin's top 3 brightening products❤

Where To Buy?
Now, you can buy this product via the official WA/Line/Elsheskin website at a price of 313,650 rupiah, even though if you buy it separately the price can be more than 350,000. For now there is also free shipping! That's great right?

In addition, you can also buy Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad through Sociolla! Free shipping and you can get 50,000 off if you use code SBN0477A1 :)

Now, I really recommend this Elsheskin Super Glowing Squad bundle to all of you, especially when Eid is coming up, you have to #MakinGlowing inside and out.