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Madame Gie Liptint Review: Cheap Product?!

It's been a while since i wrote my last blogpost. Hi friends, how are you? Hope you are all well and healthy! I really miss the blogging world but lately the activities are super busy, so I just started writing again today.

There's a lot of discussion going onthe new normal in Indonesia. One that will become a new habit in the eraThe new normal is to always wear a mask when leaving the house. Wearing a mask out of the house makes your lips invisible. Even though one of the productsmy favorite make-uplip products. Well, as a form of my love for lip products, during this self-quarantine I still use lip products even though I'm only at home. Recently, I really like using lip tint from Madame Gie,Magnifique Lip Tint.

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My Thoughts
I've been using this product since April, and it's become my mainstay when I study online! Why can be my mainstay? because of this productmake lips moistEven though I didn't use lip balm before. Then this productthe color can instantly make the face so freshwithout having to make up that takes effort. The last reason, this productIt's really fast if you're in a hurry. Just dab a little in the middle of the lips and then close the ketupin(?) lips, that's it! It's simple anyway, so if you're in a hurry to make an online class, it doesn't take much time.

How about resilience? Okay, so I think the consistency of the durability of this product is different for each shade. For shade 04 - Rose, it lasts longer than shade 05 - Salmon. I don't know if it's because the color is more neon so it lasts longer or what. But actually the color will not disappear if you don't use it to eat.

I recommend this product for those of you who want to use lip tint but are afraid of dry lips. You will like this Madame Gie Magnifique Lip Tint because it moisturizes the lips. But for those who already like to use lip tint, I guess you don't need to try this product. Unless you really like this product, hihi.

I think this product can be very good if the packaging is improved and the colors are explored more, don't all neon, huhuhu. As for the rest, I think it's okay, but I also really like to use this product if I want to not bother with lipstick, haha.

I bought this product at Shopee at a price of 18,300 (discounted price). If you are interested, you can add it to the cart first, usually Madame Gie often gives discounts and this liptint is a product that is often discounted!