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Review of Secret Key Starting Treatment Essential Mask

Review Sheetmask Cherimoa Karados Bird's Nest & Nature Republic Real Nature Tea Tree. Lately, every time I use a sheetmask, I always write a review on my instastory. Oh yeah, so you don't miss updates about the products I use, you can follow my Instagram on Crystallure Supreme Revitalizing Oil Serum Review

I've read many sources on the internet about this product. From what I read, this product InshaAllah Muslim friendly :)

Texture & Scent
The essence of this product is liquid, clear, and not sticky. Compared to other sheet masks, the essence of this product is relatively small, so it doesn't leave any essence in the package. Even though there is no residue, the essence attached to the sheet is enough to moisturize the facial skin properly.

As for the smell, it's funny, haha. It smells like tape, you know? So it's a bit sour, typical of tape. Usually sheet masks smell like fruit or flowers, but this one is different.

My Thoughts
The first time I took the sheet out of the package, the essence didn't spill. The sheets are not thin but not too thick either. When affixed to the face, there is a slight burning sensation at the top of the lips. But it's the most sensitive part of my skin. But the heat is only temporary and not so strong, it's still okay.

Recommended Moisturizing Products

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